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About Us


Founded in 2015 by Realtors in the San Francisco Bay Area, WALKINTOUR’s mission is—and always will be—to provide the highest quality marketing materials to our clients. We believe marketing homes should be easy, so we go to great lengths to help you be successful. Whether you’ve got a 600 square foot condo, a 10,000 square foot mansion, or something in between, we’ve got the tools to help you be successful. We’re looking forward to working with you!


LEX SHAN | Founder, CEO

Lex started his technology career in Microsoft at the age of 20, where he worked on advanced compiler technologies. Over the years, he started multiple business ventures in the realm of real estate, including an architectural design firm, a real estate development fund and a residential brokerage. His passion for architecture, photography and technology inspired him to start WALKINTOUR in 2015. Lex earned his BS and MS in Computer Science with high honor from the University of California Berkeley.

In his spare time, Lex enjoys architectural photography and designing houses. He is particularly proud of the number of times his car ran to the last drop of gas. That’s why he is all electric now.


ANDREW RAYMOND | Director of Sales

Since graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, Andrew has helped launch several successful businesses. He has been with WALKINTOUR since the very beginning, and is dedicated to instilling values of excellence, and service into the fabric of the company. To better understand the clients he is dedicated to serving at the highest level, he recently became a licensed real estate salesperson.
When he’s not helping Realtors market their listings, Andrew loves to be outdoors! He is a hiker, climber, swimmer, and lover of nature.

GEORGE SU | Creative Director

George is an experienced multimedia expert with over two decades of experience and a record of accomplishment as a graphic designer, art director, project manager, and content developer. He’s a graduate from SJSU in Environmental Journalism and from Academy of Art University in New Media. He’s helped companies’ craft, market, design and grow their businesses. He’s helped build national programs to find new ways to reach more diverse youth and new audiences. One of his national programs, working with volunteer photographers was featured during BioBlitz 2014 with National Geographic and on an overnight Alcatraz Island, was featured on “OpenRoad” with Doug McConnell. He previously served as Multimedia Designer & Web Administrator for the National Park Service for over 23 years.

During his free time, he watches Japanese anime, volunteers for the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and hybridizes new varieties of orchids.

Shannon Keeton

SHANNON KEETON | Client Success Manager

Shannon’s drive to provide excellent customer service started when she was 16. She strives to make sure each customer’s experience is nothing less than amazing and professional. At WALKINTOUR she provides excellent customer service by giving customers the attention they want, the respect they deserve, the time to answer their questions, and take care of their needs.

On her days off, you can find Shannon providing makeup consultations for her clients or at home spending quality time with her family. Shannon’s passion for makeup began at an early age, by studying the different trends in cosmetology. She hopes to one day follow in her mother’s footsteps to become a professional cosmetologist and to have celebrity clientele.

Jeremy McLamb

JEREMY MCLAMB | Director of Digital Marketing

Jeremy started his adventure at the age of 17 when he created an online media entertainment company. In the years to follow he would specialize in Influencer Marketing, which led him to collaborate with some of the largest internet celebrities and work with Triple-A titled video game publishers, to launch new titles. After spending 3 years focusing on Influencer Marketing he switched his focus to Email Marketing in the senior insurance industry. He has had the pleasure of working with many of the country’s top insurance providers to promote their 2018 AEP roll-out.

On his days off, Jeremy spends most of his time studying the cultural impact that music, fashion, and media has had on the world.

Expertise Award 2018

Expertise Award for Best Real Estate Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area for 2016, 2017, & 2018.

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