Make an Impression, Even if you Have an Unstaged Listing
A 3D WALKINTOUR is the perfect solution for your un-staged listings! This blog post will teach you how to leverage 3D to market your empty property.
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How can I make an impression with my marketing materials, even if the home is unstaged?

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A Classic Problem:

Vacant, unstaged listings simply don’t look good in photos. It’s a well accepted fact! Sure, viewers will know when they’re looking at the kitchen, and when they’re looking at a bathroom, but most of the rest of the rooms are pretty much going to look the same!


Rooms without furniture in them make it difficult for the viewer to piece together the space. They can't visualize their life in the space, because they can't relate to it!

Are these two pictures of the same room? Or different ones? Hint: It doesn’t even matter. If it takes your viewers a few moments to figure it out, you’ve likely already lost their attention.

Rooms without furniture all tend to look the same!


This is because the human brain relies on anchor points when viewing photos. Furniture acts as a link between two or more photographs, creating a sense of space and unity in the viewer’s mind.


When presented with this challenge, MOST Realtors assume that it is not worth it to invest in decent photography, or any other kind of marketing. In reality, they couldn’t be farther from the truth!


An Easy Way Around It:


The key is to use a 3D WALKINTOUR! Their interactivity takes the

Using 3D models in your marketing materials is always a good idea. They're eye catching!

Using 3D models in your marketing materials is always a good idea. They’re eye catching!

emphasis off of empty corners, and puts it on the flow of the home. When your viewers are actually walking through the 3D model from room to room, no space will be mistaken for another!


Once your viewers begin to feel how the space fits together, they’ll begin imagining how their life would be within the home, instead of questioning “are these photos of the same room? What is this photo even of??”


Try a 3D WALKINTOUR on your next vacant, un-staged listing, and you’ll see the difference.


Happy marketing!



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