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How to Reach Out-Of-Area Buyers EASILY

International Markets

How to Reach Out-Of-Area Buyers EASILY

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Why Does This Matter?

According to the National Association of Realtors®, “International buyers invested $92.2 billion last year in the US! Individuals outside the US are buying property here in the states more than ever before, which means the practice of marketing properties is changing.


Agents need to recognize that a marketing plan that incorporates

By Disregarding International Buyers, You're Leaving Money on the Table!

By disregarding international buyers, you’re leaving money on the table.

the tools necessary to attract and convert out of area, out of state, and even international buyers is vital. Marketing to those buyers will result in more offers on your listings, and higher sale prices. In today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, it’s crucial to be able to say you go the extra mile, reaching the best possible audience, so that you can win more listings, and do more business. The most prepared agent wins!


The thing is, most agents don’t care. Most Realtors are happy to sit back and use the traditional approach to marketing a listing. They take a few cell phone shots, and slap a home on the MLS, and then wait for a decent offer to come through. In today’s global marketplace, doing it that way is a disservice to a seller. Especially when international buyers are typically cash buyers, their offers can be very attractive. More quality offers means more options for your seller, which translates to a happier client, and more potential for referral business!


So How Do You Do It?

How do you compel people to buy a home they’ve NEVER SEEN? What if the viewers don’t even speak English?


In this age of information, buyers who are looking in a given area are going to know what their options are. They’ll know how

Using 3D models in your marketing materials is always a good idea. They're eye catching!

Using 3D models in your marketing materials is always a good idea. They’re eye catching!

many 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom listings there are in their preferred area. The key is to convince them that YOUR listing is the one to choose.


An easy way to do that? Weave a non-linguistic, super-detailed narrative with your marketing media. For instance, feature your 3D WALKINTOUR very heavily in your marketing, ensuring viewers will see it. Even individuals who can’t speak

English will be able to navigate the home as if they were there.  This makes them feel confident enough to make an offer sight-unseen (yes, it happens to our customers ALL THE TIME).


Allowing international buyers 24/7 access to view and engage with media that highlights all of the BEST features of a property allows them to feel like they’re really there. Giving them the power to visualize space in a way in which they can feel how the home fits together adds significant legitimacy to your listing. It also gives viewers a sense of deep understanding, which leads to more interest! Don’t let distance be a limitation.


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