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New Features Coming To Your Websites!

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We’ve been working hard on making sure our clients have the best experience possible. To do this we’ve added new features and user interface changes. Down below are just some of the new things you can expect!

A More Intuitive User Interface

The “overview” tab has been changed to dashboard. We’ve moved the traffic report to its own page, and made this page into an easy to navigate place to download and share all of your media.

Website Traffic

To give you more options on how you receive and access your site’s traffic. We have moved the traffic information to its own tab. You can also filter your traffic between date, and request traffic reports to be sent to you or your client every so often.

Creating Online Ads

The ability to generate a Facebook image to promote your listing is here. Just pick the 5 photos you want highlighted on the ad and press generate. Our system will automatically use your profile picture, branding colors, and brokerage information that you have set on your account to .

Expanded Brochure Options

We know how many people have been wanting to have the option to only display your brochure on the branded version of your single property website. We’re extremely happy to announce that you can now pick the exact version of your site its displayed on. Simply check the box to have your brochure shown! Also, website and brochure styles are no longer tied together. You can pick different styles for each.

New Mobile View

There is also a mobile/tablet update. This was an interface change to make sure everything was faster and more responsive. Going forward you’ll have no issue making updates to your Single Property Website!

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