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Using a screen cap like this one in your marketing materials will help establish your brand. Making a marketing commitment!

Marketing for Success: Transparency

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People love transparency. So give it to them!


Transparency leads to trust, and trust is the foundation of any business transaction. So why aren’t

you building transparency into your marketing? Consider the following circumstance. You’re online, looking for a contractor to redo your kitchen. You find two websites for two different professionals. The first is pretty simple website that features a simple message. “I’m an awesome contractor! I work on all kinds of projects, and I do everything to code.” The second contractor’s website has a dedicated section for kitchen remodels, and talks specifically about their process. They even show pictures of some of their past jobs, with explanations of what the client was looking for, and how they achieved it.

When hiring a contractor, you're going to go with the one with a proven record, and transparent procedures.

Who would you hire?


Now let’s bring it back to real estate. When someone is shopping for a Realtor, they are going to be drawn to the one who gives the most specific case studies and samples of their work. This harkens back to our post about increasing the quality of your marketing impressions, versus the quantity. That’s why it’s vital to make a commitment to your marketing on your website.



Here’s How:


  1. Incorporate a “my team” section on your website. This is a great spot to list your recommended vendors, and talk a little bit about why each of them is the BEST at what they do. This will give potential clients a more in-depth idea of what they’re getting when they use you. Featuring preferred stagers, landscapers, photographers, lenders, and more are all a great way to build the appearance of a team around you without having to pay any salaries. Link to their websites so that your prospective clients can do a little research of their own.
  2. Have a special section on your website dedicated to marketing, and discuss some of the tactics you employ! Use screenshots of 3D WALKINTOUR models to grab viewers’ attention, and promise to have one created for their home. Tell viewers about the difference that professional photography can make, and how you use it on EVERY property to extract maximum value out of each listing. To read more about why you should NEVER do your own photography, check out this post.
  3. Next, ask viewers to contact you for a free marketing consultation. Use a message like: “Every
    Calls to action are very effective at driving leads into your pipeline. Offering a targeted lead magnet will increase your conversions.

    Buttons like this are very effective at driving leads into your pipeline. Offering a targeted lead magnet will increase your conversions.

    home has its own unique narrative. Contact me today for a free marketing consultation, and we’ll talk about how we can use your home’s narrative to extract the MAXIMUM value out of it!”. The reason this works is because it’s targeted. People who are browsing the marketing page on your website are clearly interested in learning more about how you market homes, and are most likely to respond to a call-to-action that addresses this curiosity.

  4. Now, incorporate this message into your other marketing pieces. Do you have a mailer or brochure that goes out to the neighbors in your farm? Feature 3D WALKINTOUR models, drone imagery, and more on as many of your lead-gen marketing materials as possible. This approach will make marketing a part of your brand identity! Drive traffic to your website by teasing a new marketing tactic you’re using, or by talking about a powerful statistic.


Happy Marketing!



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