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Using a screen cap like this one in your marketing materials will help establish your brand. Making a marketing commitment!

Make a Commitment to Your Marketing

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Here’s the thing folks: When it comes to branding yourself, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to create an image of excellence, and get people to not only recognize you, but also associate you with ultra-high quality. That’s the goal, isn’t it? You want to establish yourself as a rock star real estate professional, and to make people be DESPERATE to work with you.


Well here’s an easy way to do that.


Right now, make a commitment to marketing EVERY listing you get to its fullest potential. Not just a commitment to

By using excellent photos on your website, you make your brand synonymous with high quality.

yourself, but a commitment to all of your leads. Put this commitment online, in the form of a general marketing plan. Proclaim to the world that you use the BEST photography AND a 3D WALKINTOUR on every listing to ensure maximum exposure for your clients’ homes. The industry is rife with Realtors looking to get a listing, do the minimum, and collect a check. That leaves a huge opportunity open to establish yourself as the “I do it right” Realtor.


So here’s our 3-step guide.


  1. Make a commitment online. Tell viewers about what kinds of media you use to market every listing. Use pictures of 3D models, and the best photos of some of your previous listings to really grab their attention. If you have been using these kinds of media for some time, you should have links to past single property websites, etc.
  2. Develop a system for spreading the word about a listing, and tell people about it generally on your website. Don’t give away all of the details, but give them enough to want to use YOU when they sell their home! 
  3. Incorporate this message into your lead gen activities. Sending out mailers? Talk about your marketing system. 3D models are very eye-catching, so they make a great hero image!


Now I know what you are thinking…


“But 3D only works on SOME homes. I can’t commit to doing it on all of my listings, because I work on [insert excuse: small

Using 3D models in your marketing materials is always a good idea. They're eye catching!

Using 3D models in your marketing materials is always a good idea. They’re eye catching!

homes, ugly homes, homes that sell fast anyway, unstaged homes].” Fortunately for you, we’ve written ad nauseum about these doubts. Check out the articles below for a few pointers.


Don’t think your unstaged listing will look good without 3D? You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Check out our post on that topic here.


Small homes are the same way! With small homes, the layout becomes one of the most vital things. Still photographs don’t capture the layout, so 3D is a great option! Furthermore, 3D is priced based on square footage, so you don’t pay as much if you’ve got a small home.


Have a listing with a lot of clutter in it that doesn’t show well? Check out our post on occupied listings.


If homes in your market are selling quickly anyway, you are probably facing a lot of competition for listings. You should probably have a few tools in your toolbag that the other guys don’t have to ensure your success.


Happy Marketing!



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